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How to find an interesting offer in a field with which you have no experience yet?

You may be experiencing this right now. Due to the current situation, you need to change the scope. So you are looking for what you could do and in what other field to get a foothold. There are a lot of offers, the positions have different names, maybe you get a little lost in it.

Are you going on a task during the “selection”? What can it look like and how can it best be fulfilled?

Prepare a business strategy for the next five years. Calculate how many times the train arrived from point A…. Companies prepare various types of tasks for candidates – starting with logical thinking tests and ending with the elaboration of complex concepts. What does such a process look like from the applicant’s point of view and

Get out of line. How to sell your properties in a CV so that they do not act as clichés

I’m reliable, flexible, communicative. Such words are used by many candidates in the belief that they belong to a kind of mandatory CV equipment. Requirements for these properties indeed appear in job advertisements. Should they be mentioned in the CV at all? Yes, but it has its rules. You are writing a resume and have